Anne Shams Art

  The Jewish Wedding Gallery: The Rebbe Performs  Mitzvah

The Eastern European rabbi or rebbe, if considered particularly holy, was a tsadik. The tsadik was often known and beloved for his eccentricities, passionate singing, dancing and music.

“ the wedding it is considered a mitzvah, a commandment, to make the bride and groom rejoice. Going back to the Talmud there are stories of great sages, brilliant tsadikim, holy men, who were dancing and juggling and doing all sorts of thing to make the bride and groom happy.”

—Andy Statman, Klezmer clarinetist, from an interview with Michal Shapiro, Ellipsis Arts CD booklet, Klezmer Music:  A Marriage of Heaven and Earth.”

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Tempera on paper  22” x 30”