Anne Shams Art


Neshamot Klaliyot

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi discusses this term in several different portions of his book The Geologist of the Soul. "Access points to divinity" is one of his definitions, and my friend Shahna defined it as “the fully realized soul.” Schachter-Shalomi answers “yes” when one of his students asks if he actually meant to include Jesus and Buddha as neshamot khaliyot, adding, "we have to give up our triumphalism, our notion that our tradition is somehow superior to others."

I included "access points to divinity" from several traditions in my painting. Their faces or figures surround or are perched in the "tree of souls." 

Nancy Scheinman encouraged us to include many types of collage in our experimental work. I hope to continue gaining expertise as I explore this process. It adds an intuitive element in the creative act that has always been there as part of my inspiration for each piece.

Neshamot Klaliyot 

Acrylic and mixed media on birch ply  20” x 26”