Anne Shams Art



Purchase Price $15 for 4, shipping and handling included.

The cards are ink jet printed on 5 x 7 card stock with a brief description of the art on the back. You can select any 4 cards or multiples of 4.  Blank inside. I am sorry but I do not ship an order smaller than 4 cards. 

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Pomegranate Tree of Life Card

Alhambra View Card

At the Feet of the Mothers Card

Blue Mihrab Card

Olive Tree of Life Card

Orange Tree of Life Card

Abd al-Rahman’s Palm Card

Paradise Gate Card

Puerta de la Justicia Card

The Immigrant Bride Card

The Fiddler Card

Queen of Heaven Card


Escorting the Groom Card

Escorting the Bride Card

Under the Chuppah Card


The Rebbe Performs a Mitzvah Card

Heidem Deidem-

We are Dancing to God Card

Kosher Tanz Card


Fire at Heaven’s Gate Card