Anne Shams Art


Pomegranate Tree of Life

Acrylic and metal and gold leaf on paper

Image 16 x 20  Framed 19 x 23

Purchase Price $1200

Pomegranate Tree of Life has been purchased.

It is still available as a limited edition giclée and cards.

       Within a keyhole arch, surrounded by a metal-leafed border with a design taken from an Islamic tile, is the Pomegranate Tree of Life.

The Hebrew letters below the tree are an acronym from the Persian word for paradise, Pardes. They represent the four levels of understanding Torah (she who is the tree of life)— literal, homiletical, allegorical and secret.

        The translation for the name of the city of Granada, location of the Alhambra, is pomegranate. After the Jews were expelled from Andalusia, Moses ben Jacob Cordovero wrote the Jewish mystical text Pardes Rimmonim, or The Garden of Pomegranates. Pardes Rimmonim and its concepts became part of the Saafed mystical tradition in Palestine.

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