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Shmuel HaNagid’s Pearl

Acrylic and metal leaf on paper

Image 8  x 13   Framed 15 x 18

Purchase Price $475

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Shmuel HaNagid was simultaneously retained by the Islamic Sultan of Granada as his political advisor and military commander of his army, and at the same time was leader (Nagid) of Granada's Jewish community. He frequented the Arab courts where poetry was recited and food served by young males.

He is also considered the most important poet of Hebrew poetry's Golden Age, and is praised for restoring to Hebrew the lyricism and sensuality of the Song of Songs.

I celebrate his poem, The Fawn in this painting:

I'd give everything I own for that fawn who betrayed me

my love for him locked in my heart.

He said to the rising moon:

"You see how I shine and dare to be seen?"

And the circle was set in the sky

like a pearl in a dark girl's palm.