Anne Shams Art

  The Jewish Wedding Gallery:  Anna Montag- Grandma

	This painting is from the wedding photo of my maternal grandmother, Anna Montag, a hidden Jew. The white Hebrew letter to her left is vav, the third letter of the Tetragrammaton. Vav symbolizes the soul level  or Neshama, and the Tiferet of Beauty.
	Born in Herschbach, Germany, grandma was a dressmaker in Paris when she met my grandfather, a Mississippi tobacco farmer stationed with General Pershing during WWI. They married in Europe and she emigrated to Jackson, Mississippi and into the middle of a family of protestant ministers of several faiths. She divorced my grandfather when her two children were grown and moved to Hollywood, California, where she designed clothes for the movie studios and stars, including Joan Crawford. In her later years she revealed that she was Jewish.
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Tempera on paper  22” x 30”